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Titanium radiator overflow/catch tanks

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These Superlite titanium radiator overflow catch tanks have until now been the exclusive domain of the factory teams.
We have had these hand-welded and the intake pipe goes all the way inside to give 10mm of clearance as the catch tank should have this pipe submerged and bled so the overflow of the radiator filler has no air, the right-hand spigot is the overflow and goes straight to the floor.
This means if the bike gets hot and forces excess coolant into the tank when it cools it can suck this back in so it's not wasted keeping the cooling system full.
The tanks are all titanium construction and come with the fitting kit of 250mm of the 5mm I'd pipe to connect to the radiator overflow, the 2 clips and the velcro to stick on the backside to mount the catch tanks to the frame.
These work on all water-cooled engines and are really simple to fit, not to mention trick AF.