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Kawasaki KX500 Doc Wob Titanium full bolt kit

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This is a full Doc Wob titanium bolt kit made of the highest grade 5 Ti-6AL-4V titanium.

This complete kit includes all of the bolts to fit the engine, chassis and plastics of your bike.

These bolts are all developed and designed exclusively by us in house, they are NOT a generic off the shelf item but developed and designed specifically for each application.

At Doc Wob we know only too well what it takes to get the job done right. With over 30 years working at the very top echelons of the sport both in Europe and the USA. We have sourced the globe for these parts not only to be the right price but more importantly to be of the right fit and quality, only after having extensively tested them with our sponsored riders you will find them good enough to carry our logo. You can be sure we wouldn't risk our hard earnt reputation on anything less than perfection.

These are manufactured from the very best grade titanium available.
This gives your bike that factory look that we all want. This gives a massive weight saving over the stock bolts that are fitted to the bike as standard.

Tech Specs-

Grade 5 titanium Ti-6AL-4V (aircraft grade)

CNC machined heads
Rolled threads
Super light
Upto 46% lighter than steel