Superlite and the elite

Superlite and the elite

Superlite was formed to provide factory quality Titanium and Aluminium hardwear at an affordable price point. For too long the Titanium fasteners have been out of the budget for the average racer. The majority of the bolts that have been available until now have been generic with none of the specialist items which are more and more commonplace on the modern and vintage MX bike.

Each fastener kit is supplied in a re-useable bolt case with each bolt application picked in small groups and labelled with the fitment to make the installation much easier. This eliminates any questions of fitment and this way the customer can keep the stock hardwear in the box provided and use it again year on year.

Included is a tube of high quality race grease to show the customer to ensure the bolts are properly lubricated.

We can custom build kits for teams or for customers to order. For example, we have found if someone is buying a Titanium bolt kit they quite often have different fitment triple clamps in which case selected fasteners need putting in the kit to ensure a perfect fit.

We design every fastener for the application its supplied with input not only from our engineers personal years of experience but the factory mechanics who use them every day. We often alter the heads to make for an easier fitment. Also the wire holes are only used where needed and the screwheads are inspired by factory bolts.

We are constantly working with our many sponsored teams improving the product for the end user. The teams demand the best fitment and quality and we are in constant dialog with the team mechanics to ensure we provide the very best product possible.

We have a large lineup of sponsored teams, all of which are re-ordering season on season. These include the following:

  • Wilvo MXGP Factory Yamaha
  • Kemea MX2 Factory Yamaha
  • Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha USA
  • Hitachi KTM
  • Revo Husqvarna
  • Verde Sports KTM
  • Serco Yamaha Racing
  • Gebben Racing Kawasaki
  • BOS KTM/Suzuki
  • NP Racing Suzuki
  • MVRD 
  • Apex KTM
  • FUS Husqvarna

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